10 Ways Virtual Business Support can help Artists

by 18 Mar, 2016

10-Ways-Virtual-Business-Support-can-help-Artists-300x300You are an artist, a creator of the amazing and intend to be known as one of the best in your field. You get busier by the day and now is definitely the time to look at getting support on board.

You heard of Virtual Business Support before, but you are not clear on which business tasks you can let someone else do for you.

How about one or all of these tasks?

  1. Research. Music competitions, auditions, galleries to exhibit your art, etc. A VA can look these up for you.
  2. Submit forms and applications. You have dozens of forms/applications to submit by e-mail or post. Let a VA handle it for you.
  3. Deadlines. So many deadlines you need to keep in mind. Crazy, right?! They all can be organised and reminders set up so you don’t have to worry about a thing.
  4. Email campaigns/newsletters. You write a draft or the whole thing and a VA does the rest; setting it up in the relevant software, adding images, scheduling it in and reporting.
  5. Website. You need one created or keep it maintained. Having Virtual Business Support can create a website that highlights your work and draws people in. Or ensure that any maintenance work is done you.
  6. Social Media. Sure, you can tweet some things yourself and post a photo to Instagram/Facebook but maybe you need some help to ensure the regularity of it all.
  7. Marketing/Promotional material. Why not get help with the process, from design to printing and then distribution.
  8. Email management. Having the bulk of your emails taken care of as well as a good system in place will reduce your time spent working through your inbox dramatically
  9. Travel arrangement. If you travel a lot then having someone to find the best deals for you is definitely a plus.
  10. Invoicing/order processing. If you sell your art (music, photos, paintings, etc.) then it would be very handy to have someone look after most of the process for you. From taking orders to invoicing.

If you are serious about your art/creativity and ready to take the next step to bigger and better things, asking for virtual business support is a must.

Can you think of any other things you could let go? Or have you taken this step already? Please let me know in a comment below.