3 Reasons Why Having a Facebook Business Page Alone Doesn’t Cut it

by 19 Jan, 2016

Image-courtesy-of-iosphere-at-FreeDigitalPhotos.net_-150x150‘’Don’t build a house on rented land….’’

I read this sentence the other day and thought it was a perfect explanation on how I feel about businesses relying on their Facebook page alone as their online tool.

Sadly, as a Virtual Assistant and someone who works with many different business owners on a daily basis, I all too often see this issue being ignored or down played.

There are many reasons WHY you should NOT rely on a Facebook Page alone to build your business and keep your clients/customers informed, but here are my top 3:

  1. You don’t own your business page – Facebook does (hence the ‘rented land’ reference). No matter how many Likers you have, how high your engagement is or message you receive through it. This all could be gone and lost tomorrow if Fb decides for whatever reason to delete your page.
  2. Not everyone is on Facebook (I can hear many of you go ‘what?!’) or they might leave it for whatever reason. You need another way for your clients/customers to find you or stay in touch. Either by having your own website and/or an e-mail list. Preferably both.
  3. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You need to be visible on more than one platform to get as much exposure as possible. This also increases your chances of being found by a new audience. But select your channels wisely (this is a completely new post altogether!).

Don’t leave the chance of growing and maintaining your business in someone else’s hand. That’s exactly what you do if you rely on Facebook alone and that could cost you dearly.

If you are unsure how to go about creating a website for your business or how to connect these two online platforms, I am here to help. I can get them set up for you, maintain and keep them safe.

Image courtesy of iosphere at FreeDigitalPhotos.net