6 Ways to Create a Space Where Your Creativity Flourishes

by 31 Aug, 2015

6-Ways-to-Create-a-Space-Where-Your-Creativity-Flourishes-150x150There is nothing more satisfying about getting up in the morning, knowing you soon will enter the world of creativity at work – either at home or in an office. Imagine a space where work isn’t work but where you can’t wait to settle in and focus on the things that matter and bring satisfaction not only to you but your co-workers and clients alike. A place that you really want to be in, a lot. That is the precise reason why I love reading creativity enhancing work space blogs – they regularly provide tips, ideas and inspiration to enhance the place where you work. So if you are not feeling the love or connection to where you sit right now (if that is where you work of course) then the following 6 ways might help you:

 1. Light

Depending on the work you are tackling you need different levels of light. Ideal is if you can regulate the light for every occasion. Brighter light is said to be better when evaluating or analysing. Dim the lights (a bit or more) when you focus on more creative tasks.

2. Music Try a moderate music volume when you are creative as this seems to get those juices flowing!

For tasks where you need to focus I suggest to not use music, but if you just can’t do without some nice background sound, for example ‘noise’ such as when you are in a café or similar then you could consider using https://coffitivity.com/ to ‘get in the mood or zone’.

3. Furniture

Some people suggest that re-arranging your (office) furniture regularly can spark an idea or enhance the feeling of clarity. While I am not totally convinced about this I do know that clearing away anything that has no purpose anymore can open up space for new creative sparks to fly (meaning paper, pictures or other smaller things, not necessary desks etc.)!

4. Plants

Having a plant or two as your ‘creativity buddies’ is definitely not a bad idea. Apparently having these close by can boost your creativity by 15%! Don’t believe me?! This article by dextronet states that ‘’ being confronted with healthy trees and plants might initiate an ancient feeling of calm because it suggests there will be an abundance of nearby food, which eases the worry about where the next meal is coming from. Such pleasant feelings then make people more helpful, happy, and creative’’

5. Colours

Use the colour Blue for creativity and Red when attention to detail is required. Sciencedaily.com has released an article that has identified the colour blue to be ideal for tasks such as brainstorming and encourages out of the box thinking and be creative.

6. Smell

Did you know that our sense of smell is on the same side of our brain that effects not only our creativity but also emotions and memory? No wonder many people light an incense stick or candles to feel better or when studying etc.

As you can see it doesn’t take much to create a pleasant and relaxed environment, ready for those creative juices to flow. I would recommend to start with one or two and see if it works for you. What has worked best for to be creative? Feel free to leave a comment below or drop me a line via my contact page. I am excited to hear all about your experiences.