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To assist and support solopreneurs & small business owners on their journey by showing them how to achieve a clean back office admin


”Less Admin. More Creation.”
Giving my clients the tools to tackle, improve and dust off your basic admin so the focus can go back to creating magic in their business.



Your passion and determination to achieve your goals is being hindered by a mountain of admin work. The pile is growing by the day & you are not sure where to start and how to get it under control
Frustration. Pressure. Almost feeling paralysed.


More time to have breakthroughs and more energy to create and chisel away at your goals. Being able to truly connect, expand and build relationships with friends, colleagues and clients.


Let’s work together. Either as your Admin Coach or in a VA capacity. Either way, it means you are getting control again over your admin, can re-focus on your goals and work ON your business again!


I am so glad you are here, looking for some derrière kicking business assistance.

Are you a creative and passionate solopreneur / small business owner that is grinding hard towards your vision, using your passion as fuel to get there and goals to keep you accountable? Do you feel that your business is growing each day more and more? You know you have to let go of some of the business admin related ‘stuff’ that, up until now, you have done yourself but grumbled a little (or mored) because it’s messy, stressful and unorganised?!

Great! Let me introduce myself: I’m Birgit and I am your virtual background singer aka Admin Coach/VA when it comes to ‘back office’ work. I love working with people like yourself and help them reach their goals by being their business admin support.

So far, I have tasted the life of working in three countries and three different cultures (Switzerland, England & Australia), which shaped me into a flexible, reliable and ‘I give everything a go’ person.

When I am not supporting amazing people like you in business, I work on myself (yep, self-development), love to spend time with hubby & cat, am into music, watch TV shows & movies, catching up with friends and working on my passion project “Living on the B Side”.



  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • WordPress
  • Project Management
  • General Administration


  • Organisational Skills
  • Approachable
  • Trustworthy
  • Reliable
  • Patient

Birgit has been an asset to the team at JMK Business Solutions always on hand and willing to assist at a moment’s notice. Birgit is reliable, honest and her work is of the highest standard. If you are looking for extra support in your office, I would highly recommend Birgit for all your admin needs. ~ Kristie Stark / Director, JMK Business Solutions

Birgit has been an integral part of our business. Assisting to prepare online material, navigating and saving to our online filing system and typing of handwritten field notes with great accuracy. She deals with challenging instructions, always responds promptly, delivers on time and often ahead of schedule. Birgit is diligent in her approach, meticulous where necessary and a delight to correspond with. ~ Karina J, Buildspect Consulting

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