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‘Admin Overwhelm’?! I have a tip for you

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Planning

Admin overwhelm. We all have it at some point or another in our business. No matter if you are a solopreneur or small business owner with maybe one or two team members, it will happen.

It also doesn’t matter at what stage your business is at: at the beginning or maybe 3 years in. It will hit you and you might get startled and unsure what to do.

If your current situation is one where there are too many things to take care off from an admin perspective, such as emails, invoicing, social media, lead generation & follow up, updating your website, sending newsletters out and more – then I have one top tip to start getting back in control and more confident in yourself again.

Take time out, maybe 30 minutes. Grab a cuppa, a piece of paper and pen and then write it all down.

Yes, it’s that simple. Everything that you know bugs you about your business admin, anything you know needs looking at, pencil it down on that piece of paper.

It might sound too simple and you don’t yet see why this is so powerful but stay with me please.

Once you have written it all down, maybe top up your cuppa, then it’s time to get colourful. I always suggest using three colours: green, orange, red.

Colour each task by priority. By that I mean how important is this task to your productivity and hence earning a living. What difference will this admin task make to your overall goals?

Invoicing for example would be a red for me. If I don’t invoice my clients I won’t get paid, which means I don’t earn a living and hence can’t pursue my goals.

An orange tasks could be your newsletter, because this is how you stay in touch with your clients, leads and tribe. Important to regularly do but not super-duper urgent, if it gets done in a week for example.

Green can be items you can do whenever you have a spare 5 minutes. Let’s say organising your email inbox or updating your website’s theme or plug in.

Now you can tackle your business admin one task at a time because you have an overview what is there to do and can focus on the most important ones first. This means you feel less overwhelmed and taking back control.