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Can you do email marketing without a website?

by | May 2, 2021 | Email Marketing, Planning

Email marketing without a website is totally possible!

Maybe you are feeling a little stuck and confused because you want to start building your email list but don’t do it, because you believe you need a website to start growing your list. Or you have been told that to be a ‘proper business owner’ you need a website first and then focus on the list.

Feeling uncertain around this topic is very common, followed by hours and hours of googling, scrolling through email marketing related groups on Facebook (or other forums) only to be left feeling exhausted, still confused and ready to forget about it.

Does this sound familiar? Are you in this particular situation, where you want to grow your list and provide value only to come to standstill over this one question?!

Firstly, I do recommend having a home of your own – even if that is a ‘coming soon’ or landing page displayed on your own domain (website name).

Why? Because it shows that you are in the process of having a website created, it builds basic trust that you are indeed a business owner, and it’s your place to start collecting email address, away from social media.

I would like to highlight that purchasing your own domain name is always preferred. It looks more professional and also helps with reducing the chances of your emails being looked at as spam.

However, if a website is not something you currently have as a priority (I do think you should!), then here are a few of ways to collect email addresses and hence build a subscriber list:

  • Add the sign-up link to your personal profiles, including YouTube or Pinterest boards, Facebook pages or Instagram accounts
  • Look for guest blogging or even Podcast or other speaking opportunities. Usually in your provided bio you can add your social media accounts and also sign up link to your email list
  • Publish content on platforms such as ‘Medium’ etc. Another place where you can gain email list subscribers
  • Create a landing page in your email marketing platform – Mailerlite, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, etc. all have the option of designing a ‘stand-alone’ landing page, where  you can start to collect email addresses.

So, why don’t you go ahead and sign up with Mailerlite or a similar platform to get started? As I have shown you above, you can start building your email list without a website.

Are you afraid to jinx yourself or afraid of some tech challenges that might come up when doing so? Or looking a bit deeper – you are scared to move forward and have to commit yourself to writing regular campaigns? To deliver on what you promise to your leads and clients?

And let’s go even a bit deeper: Maybe you are even scared of failing, letting yourself down and hence shy away from anything to do with email marketing!?

As you can see, it’s not about having a website to start email marketing alone, often times it comes down to holding yourself back from consistently providing value and finding something to say that isn’t’ ‘just hot air’.

I would love to offer you a free 20 minute ‘coffee & tech’ chat to help you gain clarity around this particular issue and get you on your way to start your email marketing journey. Book your spot today!