Don’t Let Your Email Inbox Rule Your Life!

by 25 Sep, 2015

Everyone talks about email management. It’s so important, they say. Sure, I agree with them. But before diving into the ‘How can I make it suit to my needs?’ you need to know what it actually entails.

My definition of email management is:

How you handle all your e-mails that makes the most sense to you and your business. A way to ensure you are as efficient and productive as possible.

Done badly it is a massive time waster. It increases stress levels and don’t even start me on the frustration part!

So, what are most important points to think about? Those needed to implement a good email management system?

  • How often will you check your email inbox?
  • How long will you spend writing & responding to emails?
  • Will you keep your email program open all day or only check at specific times?
  • Will you respond to emails with a short reply if suitable?
  • To which emails won’t you respond because they don’t need one?
  • What folders will you set up to keep you organised (such as ‘to be dealt with, urgent’, etc.)?
  • How many people will you include in an e-mail?
  • Will you delete message that aren’t archived after a certain timeframe?

Answer those questions and put in place written procedures. Before long you are the master of your inbox.

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Do you agree with my definition? I would love to hear why or why not, please leave a comment below.