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I work with some awesome solopreneurs, helping them to untangle the technology side of your business and find their confidence again. Here’s what they have to say about me and my work.


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If you haven’t already, there will come a day in your business when you realise you can’t do it all on your own.

You can spend your precious time and resources trying to find “that perfect fit”, or you can simply hire Birgit. If you know you need someone who is super reliable, enthusiastic, passionate about producing great work and who has an open mind for new possibilities, then you want Birgit in your corner!

The important tasks now get done with consistency and excellence every time. As a young dad and an entrepreneur, Birgit’s support continues to give me amazing peace of mind.

I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Birgit for over 6 years. Birgit has a friendly and professional way about her, she enjoys tackling challenges and finding solutions and when she takes on a task she sees it through to completion on time and on budget.

She has a great sense of humour and often sends me daily messages to give me a laugh which always brightens my day. I am lucky to be able to not only utilise her skillset working on my business, but I also take great pleasure in seeing the positive feedback and outcomes that come when I outsource her services to my own clients.

If you are looking for a friendly, trustworthy, dependable and committed individual who will be committed to seeing you succeed, then Birgit is most definitely is someone you should look at working with.

Technology is not my strongest skill so I asked Birgit for help and she certainly helped me out.
She gave me advice on my website and lots of pointers to help me connect the dots so to speak with all the tech issues of running a home based business as a sole trader.
Birgit was always happy to chat to help me gain clarity around certain tech issues I was encountering. I’m very grateful for her insights.
My website is up and running and I feel more confident with its use in supporting my business.
I’d certainly recommend Birgit for any tech issues.

I was keen to watch Birgit’s webinar on using Asana to try to manage my busy workflow which is full of multiple overlapping projects and deadlines. Birgit’s suggestion to do a plan / brainstorm before setting up Asana starting helped immensely. Once I had done this, I was easily able to get started with adding my multiple projects and then to set up tasks within each one along with due dates. After only two days I have come into work with reminders coming up immediately on tasks scheduled for completion today.

I no longer have to stress about remembering or prioritise these. I am hoping that there will be more webinars to learn about more advanced functions tool!

Birgit has been an integral part of our business. Assisting to prepare online material, navigating and saving to our online filing system and typing of handwritten field notes with great accuracy. She deals with challenging instructions, always responds promptly, delivers on time and often ahead of schedule. Birgit is diligent in her approach, meticulous where necessary and a delight to correspond with.

I highly recommend Birgit Livesey as a techie VA. Birgit is my go-to assistant for all my technical challenges. I love working with Birgit. She is so friendly and helpful with a vast knowledge of the technology needed to take your business online. I recently ran my first online challenge and there was so much tech for me to set up and learn to use for the first time. This included creating a landing page, setting up PayPal with a link to receive payment, automating my emails and video editing. At each stage, Birgit was there to support me. Whenever I was stuck, Birgit jumped in quickly to help me, and nothing was ever too much trouble. Birgit’s help was invaluable – setting up the technology, then creating templates for me to use next time and teaching me step by step, so the next time I could do it myself if I wanted to. If you want a techie VA who will do the tricky tech for you and set you up for success online, I highly recommend Birgit Livesey

Birgit has been an asset to the team at JMK Business Solutions always on hand and willing to assist at a moment’s notice. Birgit is reliable, honest and her work is of the highest standard. If you are looking for extra support in your office, I would highly recommend Birgit for all your admin needs.