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How do I send emails to Asana and turn them into tasks?

by | Aug 4, 2020 | Tools & Apps

Did you know that you can send emails to Asana and create a task this way? Without having to copy and paste and also upload the relevant file(s)? Yes, this is a nifty feature many might miss when using Asana.

If you are a Solopreneur doing everything by yourself or you might have one or two helping humans, using this option is a huge time-saver and streamline a big part of your process(es).

Let me start off by introducing what this feature is and how it works.

What is it?

Asana allows you to send or forward an email to a project you have created in this tool. Each project has an allocated email address where you can email to.

Or if you have the Gmail or Outlook integration, you can create a task straight from your inbox.

What does Asana do with an email it receives?

When you email Asana, it will:

  • Turn the subject line into the task name
  • Body of the email as the description
  • Add any files as an attachment to the task

You can then cc/tag a team member or collaborator in the task.  Make the usual comments, set due dates, sub-tasks, etc.

Why should you use it?

Having this option means you can reduce your email inbox and delegate/allocate relevant emails for a project straight into Asana without having to  copy and paste the contents (and relevant attachments).

It also has massive benefits when you have a team or collaborate with someone on a project. You can easily update the project by sending the details to Asana.

It also means your overall communication with anyone you work with becomes more efficient, cleaner, and quicker. How cool is that?!

How do you send an email to Asana?

There are two ways you can achieve this:

  • Use the allocated project email address; or
  • Use the Gmail/Outlook integration for Asana

Use the allocated email address

Here is how you can do this by using the relevant Asana email address:

  • Click on the project you wish to send the email to, then use the dropdown arrow next to the project name. Next select ‘import’ and then ’email’.

This will bring up the unique email address for this particular project.

Copy the email address and use it as the ‘to’ email in your email and hit ‘send’.

The email will appear in the project as a new task and is not sorted or assigned to any Section.

Now you can start to work in it, allocate it to someone else, move it to a section, set due dates etc. as you would with any other Asana task.

Use the Gmail/Outlook integration

You will need to use the relevant Add-on for either Gmail or Outlook. Once done, you can actually work within Gmail/Outlook to create a task, change task description if needed, assign tasks, set due dates, and add the task to the relevant project. Not need to open Asana, it does it all in the same place.

Are you stuck when it comes to setting up Asana as a Solopreneur (or small team)? Or maybe you have an account but do not use properly? I can help. Contact me today to set up a chat to see how I can support you with this.