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How Sticky Notes can help your business

by | Apr 21, 2019 | Tools & Apps

How can Sticky Notes help you with your ‘Solopreneur’ business? Why can they be so super useful especially when you are starting out?

Sticky notes have been around since the early 1980s and are a regularly used stationary item in any office and business.

Often these poor paper items are misused for simple ‘please call x’ or ‘I have gone to lunch’ messages. But how can these be a hidden weapon when you are working on your business (specifically the techie/admin part of it)?

If you are a visual person or maybe like more of a ‘hands-on’ approach, then this exercise can help clarify and priorities in specific areas that you know you want to work on.

Here are three reasons why to use them:

  1. Use Post It/Sticky Notes to drill down on what you need in your coaching business from a technology, admin, etc. perspective.
  2. They enable you to set up workflows/processes, with each step as an individual sticky note.
  3. Provide a visual overview of priorities tasks that you need done

Use different coloured Post It Notes for goals/tasks/needs. Then sort them according to urgency (based on colours) on a cork or white board.

Next, physically write up your needs or tasks. Then move the notes around until you found a solution, order or flow that works for you. This provides you with a clearer picture what the next steps are that you want to take.

Plus, try to move away from your computer to a place in your office or home, somewhere you feel comfortable and creative. This can produce quicker and more innovative results than using computer software or a pen and paper.

And just think about taking one, two or more down, scrunching them up in your hand and chucking them in your paper recycling bin! A great feeling, right?!

Stop churning things over in your head and use this opportunity to include ‘play’ into your day.

Seriously, have a little fun with something in your business that might feel dry and overwhelming and see if what the difference is.

Do you need a hand or some input what you can do with your techie struggle or how to use the ‘sticky note method’ for your business? Please reach out to see how I can help you.