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Adding another user to your Mailerlite email marketing account

by | Oct 14, 2020 | Tools & Apps


Using this function in Mailerlite is worth considering if you know you are or will (eventually) add another person to your account. 

Giving out your personal account login details is never a good idea. Even with tools like LastPass out there, keeping on overview of who can access which parts of your business with your details can become overwhelming for you and a possible security risk for your business.

And whilst you might not even think of creating a (small) team around you yet, being aware of this option helps keep you calm, in control and organised. That’s why I love this options in Mailerlite – it enables you to be clear on what actions and work the other person can and should do.

Mailerlite offers the following options:

Administrator – Administrator has full access and can perform all actions in the account.

Manager – Has full access, but can’t create new users, export subscribers and access billing.

Viewer – Viewer can only view reports.

Accountant – Can only access bills.

Custom user – Select the sections of your account that the user should have access to.

How to add an extra person to your account

In your Mailerlite account, on the top right corner near your profile photo use the drop-down menu

  1. Select the ‘User’ option.
  2. Next, use the orange button labelled ‘Add new user’
  3. Enter the relevant persons’ email address
  4. Tick ‘Require to change the password every 60 days’ option (extra security!)
  5. Decide on the ‘User type’
  6. Click on ‘Invite user to join’ button
  7. The other person will now get notified and then can login and start to work in your account.

I have created a short video, in which I show you exactly where to find this option and how to add someone.