How to gain an overview of your current business admin tasks

by 22 Oct, 2018

Welcome to my first of eight posts about tidying up your basic business admin.

As I explained in my first blog post ‘Get your basic business admin under control series’, my aim is to provide simple and easy to follow tips, tricks and assistance, which will help you with a ‘spring clean’ of your business admin.

Let’s not wait any longer and get cracking!

What do you do when you are presented with a new project or client? You sit down and get an overview of what is required of you to get the job done, or a new client settled in, right?!  To regain control of your back-office admin the approach should be the same.

Gaining an overview of your position is key to reducing your stress levels, get everything in a logical order, then plan and execute. It really is that simple, yet many of you probably feel so overwhelmed just thinking about the paperwork, emails, apps and just general untidiness that it makes you feel paralysed. Give me a hands up if I am right!

To move from a state of paralysis to taking action we first need to find out: what the current situation is, where we want to end up and of course, how we get there. Hence here are three action steps you can take right now:

  1. Sit down with a cuppa, pen and paper. Get everything you know needs to be done written down. Just write until you can’t think of anything else admin related that you need and want to get done.
  2. Use three colour highlighters – red, orange and green. Use red for any work super important and time critical. Orange is for work that has a deadline attached to it or is a regular occurrence you can’t forget. Finally, green applies to any tasks that can be done at any time on a regular basis but aren’t time critical.
  3. Re-do your list now by priority: red first, then orange and lastly green. You can do it in a word table, Excel or hand-written list is cool, too.

For example, this is how your list could look like:

By using this simple way of pulling all the information out of your head and onto paper, you not only see what you actually have on your admin list and how important it is, but you also shift from feeling stressed and overwhelmed into a more logical and calm space.

Now that you know exactly what it is that you need to tackle and their priority, you can start to work through your list from red to green.

I have covered this exercise in a bit more depth in my blog post ‘4 Steps to clean up your business admin, which I recommend you check out.

Give this a try and please let me know how doing this exercise has helped you start the journey of ‘dusting off your basic business admin’.

In my next post I will write a about how to use your mindset to support you during your ‘admin tidy up journey’ and beyond.

Until then, please get in touch if you have any questions.