How you, as a life coach, can re-purpose one social media post

by 31 Mar, 2019

Are you a life coach that shares tips, tricks and knowledge with your followers via social media?

I bet this content is either in the form of images, (short) videos or text-based posts – am I right?

Now, it doesn’t matter if you post daily or a bit more irregular, there is one recommendation that I have for you:

Create blog posts out of them!

Get your content ideas collated in one spot, tidy up, source images (if needed) and release them as blog posts.

You can embed videos in your blog posts (even Instagram!), so don’t rule it out because you have this fab video and can’t think of how to create this into a blog post on your website.

I do this process with one of my clients – It’s not only fun to go through what my client has created, but it also means you save your amazing content in your home – your website.

Here are the main steps we have in place to get this done:

  1. Source the post content and image/video from the relevant Instagram account
  2. Copy & paste it into specifically created Word document table (split into 4 columns; Instagram link, content, hashtags and post title)
  3. Once there are a few in this table (it gets added onto regularly), select one for the next post
  4. Create blog post in new Word document, including links to images/videos
  5. Proof/edit, upload to your website
  6. Go live!

Once your post has gone live on your website, you can share it with your mailing list or as a link in your email signature OR re-post on other social media channels than the one you originally released it on.

This is an amazing way to keep your website fresh, up to date and get visitors to read what they might miss if they don’t follow you on the social media account you originally posted it.