List of 20+ Resources and Apps for Your Business

by 10 Apr, 2017

When you first start out in your business, even when you have been ‘doing it’ for a while now, knowing there are good resources and apps for your business can be such a blessing.

Here at The Business Support Factory I work with various tools, many of them free or for a small (regular) fee, to ensure I am organised not only internally but also for my clients.

I thought it was a good idea to share these tools with you, many of them I use daily and could not work without them.

You can also download this list on my ‘Freebie’ page, together with some other documents.

Please let me know if you found others worth adding to this list, but here it is:

Tweetdeck –

Great if you want to keep an eye on your Twitter account only. You use your Twitter login and customise the layout of it as you want.

Buffer –

Let’s you schedule in posts to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

There is a free and paid version available.

Hootsuite –

Another tool that lets you schedule social media posts to many social media accounts.

There is a free and paid version available.

Social Jukebox –

A great way to recycle posts without having to manually scheduled them in. It works like an egg clock – it uses all posts up before it reshuffles them all and starts again. We love it especially for Twitter, where many tweets might go unnoticed yet this tool allows for them to be reused and hence more people will see them.

There is a free and paid version available

Grum –

Great app to post images to Instagram from your desktop. And it also features a scheduling part, which is great if you are keen to post regularly to your account but don’t want to be on your mobile all the time.

No free version available. Paid one starts at US9.95 per month for two accounts.

Asana –

Team work & project management tool. Easy to use and great for keeping yourself, your team and clients organised and on track.

There is a free and paid version available

Waveapps –

Small business accounting software. Ideal if you are starting up, but also for more established businesses. You can also add your personal bookkeeping/accounting data as a separate project. Accept credit card payments (fee involved) and connect your bank account feed to it as well.

It’s Free!

Trello –

Project management tool, ideal for anyone who works better visually. Add team members, create checklists, due dates, add attachments, etc.

It’s free! Paid version available, check out what suites your needs best.

Hubspot CRM –

Free CRM for individuals and small businesses. Keep track of your contacts, leads and sales in one software. Includes templates to use and more.

It’s free!

Gmail –

Free email account powered by Google.

It’s free!

Canva –

Easy and simple to use graphic design software. Use for free and some parts can be purchased generally USD1.00

Generally free, some bits for a small fee

Mailchimp –

Email marketing service that can be used from individuals, small to larger businesses. Free for up to 2,000 subscribers, then a fee applies.

There is a free and paid version available

Content Idea Generator –

This is a different and funny way of creating titles or provide blog post ideas based on a subject.

It’s free!

Pablo by Buffer –

Create engaging images for your social media posts.

It’s free! –

Free stock photos to use for your social media, blog posts, flyers, etc.

It’s free!

Picmonkey –

Edit your photos by adding frames, text or other effects.

It’s free!

Unroll.Me –

Email cleaning up tool. Get rid of unwanted emails with this app.

It’s free!

Skype –

Skype is a fantastic way to talk to clients or team members for free. No matter where in the world you are.

It’s free if each person has a Skype account. Otherwise fees apply. Please see their website for details.

LastPass –

Password storage and creation tool. Works on several devices and helps ease the pain of having to remember too many passwords. Able to share selected sites/accounts with others.

There is a free and paid version available

Hubspot’s Free Email Signature Creator –

Create a professional looking signature with the help of these email signature creator.

It’s free!

PDF Escape

Free online PDF file editor and form filler.

It’s free!