It can be confusing to know where to start and what to start with. This is why, over the years as a Virtual Assistant and assisting many coaches and other solopreneurs, I realise how important clarity is to move forward with confidence. 

Hence, I believe ‘Clarity Sessions’ are such good value. It is a space to ‘brain dump’ and get outside perspective as well as suggestions on a way forward. It can fire you up and confident to say: ‘Yes, I can use this tool’ and ‘Wow, it’s nice to connect the dots and have more clarity’.

On top of my ‘Clarity Sessions’ I also provide a selection of hands on service packages to take the pressure of you from a day to day perspective. 

Unsure what you need right now? Is what you need to reduce stress, overwhelm and confusion not mentioned below? Please contact me to see if there is a way I can support you.

(Please note: prices are current as per February 2020 and can change without any notice given)

The most complicated skill is to be simple ~ Dejan Stojanovic

Are you new to Asana or have an account but not entirely sure how it can help you with your business? Let’s stop the umming and ahhing and book in one of my Asana Clarity sessions. For 45 minutes we look at where you are in your business, what you need and how Asana can support you with this.

You will walk away with clarity, excitement and energy to start using Asana for your repetitive tasks and projects. All this for AUD29!

Session price is AUD29 and you can snag one here


You have heard of Mailerlite before, but are not sure what it exactly does and how it could fit in with your needs. No problem! Book in a Clarity Session with me and I walk you through what it can do and how it could possibly assist you with building an audience and getting your message out there. 

These sessions are 45 minutes and I will try to answer your questions around what it is, can do and how to set it up. I even will provide you a Checklist and 5 step ‘where to from here’ plan. 

Book in your Session for AUD29 today.


This session is for anyone who feels utterly confused and paralysed by all the tools and apps out there. Those that either have tools in place, but feel they aren’t talking to each correctly OR those that have no idea where to start and what to use.

We will walk through the options you have, how to make a decision and steps to move forward to streamline your current set up. At the end, I will provide you a 5 step ‘where to from here’ plan you can implement immediately. 

Session price is: AUD29 and you can book one in via this link

Birgit has been an asset to the team at JMK Business Solutions always on hand and willing to assist at a moment’s notice. Birgit is reliable, honest and her work is of the highest standard. If you are looking for extra support in your office, I would highly recommend Birgit for all your admin needs. ~ Kristie Stark / Director, JMK Business Solutions

Birgit has been an integral part of our business. Assisting to prepare online material, navigating and saving to our online filing system and typing of handwritten field notes with great accuracy. She deals with challenging instructions, always responds promptly, delivers on time and often ahead of schedule. Birgit is diligent in her approach, meticulous where necessary and a delight to correspond with. ~ Karina J, Buildspect Consulting