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Snipping Tool – Why I love this free tool to create screenshots

by | Mar 23, 2017 | Tools & Apps

Who doesn’t love a free tool to make (working) life easier?! I certainly do and this one is a favourite of mine – the Snipping Tool! Hence why I felt a quick blog about this nifty tool is well worth it!

Where can you find it?

Hit the ‘Start’ button, then do a search for ‘snipping tool’ and it should show up. And it will look like this;

How do I use it?

Simply click on the new button, select the type of ‘snip’ you would like and go for it! Select the area you wish to screenshot. Once done it will appear in a box where you can either save the screenshot or copy it into word, email etc.

Easy, simple but so handy to have for anything from copying parts of a document or computer screen you want to show/email/save for yourself or someone else. Business or private, definitely worth using if you haven’t already!

I use the Snipping Tool almost daily and would be a bit lost without it. Have you used it before? Do you love as much as I do? Let me know in a comment.