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by | Jan 4, 2019 | Planning

As a Solopreneur, do you know how many (web) tools and apps you are using in your business?  Are they supporting or hindering you to work as your highest level?

As I said before ‘less is more’, so de-cluttering and ‘downsizing’ might just be what you need right now. Not convinced? Here is my main reason why I think it will help you:

‘’Many Solopreneurs think they are productive because they use all these fancy tools, yet it actually makes them waste more time (& money) than they realise.’’

Let’s see how many tools and apps you have and what you need them for – and most of all, are they REALLY saving you time, money and serving your purpose and vision?

Here are my top tips to get started & create a bit more organisation in that particular part of your coaching business:

Get overview of all the apps/tools you are using

Use an Excel spreadsheet or a note pad to list each and every tool you use. For example, accounting software, Microsoft 365, social media schedulers, calendar scheduling, email marketing app, Skype or other meeting/chat apps, etc.

Evaluate which ones you use daily and weekly, even monthly

Once you finished writing your list up, it is a great idea to pop a comment next to each one that indicates the frequency you are using it for. Is it daily or weekly? Monthly or only once a year?

Colour code (red/orange/green) to highlight how necessary they are to run your business

Next up is one of my favourite exercises – colour coding! Get those highlighters out and go through your list, marking each app/tool by its importance for you and your business.

If crucial it will be red, if not necessary and novelty green. And then…

If not needed, go and delete account

I love this part – delete! If you don’t need it, haven’t used it in a few months or more go on and delete the account. Be ruthless!

Free or paid version?

If the software, tool or app is needed to run your business, then ask yourself the following: Are you using the free version (if there is one) to your full advantage? Are there features you haven’t explored yet or not using, yet could make a difference in your day to day business life?

Or would it be worth looking at the paid one to maximise it for your business and hence streamline everything? Most paid version have more options and features, which means you could possibly combine two tools into one and hence simplify what you are using. Worth thinking about, right?!

And yes, less overwhelm as well.Reducing the number of apps/tools used in your daily coaching life means more focus and streamlining overall

I always love receiving feedback, so please drop me a line with how this process has helped you in your coaching business or any other questions you have