Templates – The time saving ‘weapon’ for solopreneurs and small business owners

by 2 Jul, 2018

Did you ever think of using templates in your business? Many solopreneurs and small business owners, like yourself, are looking for simple and easy ways to streamline certain aspects of your business.

Surprisingly, all too often the simple and straightforward ways to do this get overlooked. I guess we are programmed to look for difficult instead of easy most of the time.

Here is a tip that you can implement quickly with many tasks in your business: Template them!

What do I mean by this? Anything that gets repeated in your business can be ‘templated’.

For example: Emails, blog posts, website pages, Trello or Asana boards/projects, invoices, reports, social media and more.

Some might have some form of your business branding on them, like your emails, social media, invoices, reports and your website (pages, blog post layout, etc.).

Internal items such as projects or idea boards that you share with other in your team (for example Trello or Asana) can be ‘templated’ as well, but without any branding, but more from a structure perspective.

Either way, a bit of a brainstorm and getting clarity on what you need as a ‘must have’ in any basic template is definitely a good idea. And can be done over a cuppa or maybe ask a friend or business colleague what templates they already have.

You will be amazed at the time and frustration templates can save you. Plus, you feel more organised, in control and hence able to work more on your business instead of in it.

What templates could you create/set up today to start saving time? If you have them already in your business, I would love to know which ones, and how they have helped you?