To Prove or Improve – That is the Question

by 2 May, 2016

What a great statement, wouldn’t you agree?! In the midst of our daily (working) live, we all too soon forget that we don’t have to prove anything to anyone, but more importantly to try to improve ourselves and our business.

Improve-300x225What do I mean by ‘improve’? Ask Google and this is the answer you get:

  • make or become better.
  • develop or increase in mental capacity by education or experience.
  • achieve or produce something better than

Based on the above, I do believe as a business owner or creator of something amazing, it is important to put a big focus on improving yourself and how you run your business.

‘’But I can’t fit anything else into my working day, I am so busy already’’ I hear you say. I call that BS (sorry for the swearing)! That’s exactly what improving is all about.  Let me explain this a bit more:

You started your business because you had a skill, idea or passion for something. Now based purely on this, you KNEW that without adding knowledge, processes or people to this over time, you wouldn’t succeed and reach your goals.

So, to get where you want to be you need to find new ways or skills to do that. There you go, improving yourself and your business.  It comes down to two things:

  • Improve yourself. At the centre of everything is you. If you aren’t happy and well, nothing else will happen as it should. Have a massage, learn a new skill or go for a walk. Do what energises YOU, what provides YOU a boost and gets you ready to rock and roll.
  • Improve your business. Take time out on a regular basis to reflect what your business needs to be based on your vision for it. Make a list of everything you feel needs changing. How can you do this? Who can help you? Then make the decision and set the wheels in motion.

When you focus on these two things, you won’t have the time to even think about proving anything to anyone. Ever.