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What you need to think about before working with a Virtual Assistant

by | Mar 11, 2015 | Planning

You have made the decision to get virtual help because you know you will reach your set goals for this year with a little extra help.

Great, but now what?! Where do you start looking for a Virtual Assistant, what can you hand over and how?!

The very first thing you need to do is to take some time out and write down each task you know you want and can let someone else handle for you. Yes, I know you are busy but trust me, in the long run this is worth it!

Once you have that list, no matter if there are two or twenty items on it, it’s time to check you have written instructions on how to complete them. No? Write them up now. This not only provides your Virtual Assistance with a clear idea on how you want the job(s) done (or what your working style is) but also provides you clarity on what steps might be missing, what information is crucial, who exactly needs to be included or informed, etc.

Third step is to think about HOW you will hand over these tasks/jobs and if training is needed. Can this be done by email, Skype or phone call? Will once be enough or would several meetings be beneficial?

Also, keep in mind that even with the best hand over, the probability that you will get asked questions is high. Can that be done by e-mail or should a time for a phone call set up?

Do you have questions for your new ‘partner in crime’? Never used a VA before? Don’t fret, just pop any questions down on paper or somewhere online where you can find them quickly so you have them handy when having your first talk with your VA.

So, you have done your brainstorming on the tasks you want to let someone else deal with, got your procedures written up and know what your preferred communication channel is. Now you need to find that special someone, a person who you trust can be part of your team to help you reach your goals and make life smoother. But where do you find THAT person?!

Here’s my answer: Go and check out Virtual Assistant Networks in your area. For example, Virtually Yours is a fantastic community of VAs with heaps of different skills and specialities and guess what?! Yep, I am part of that network.

Put a job lead out there and ‘boom’ you will have several VAs to choose from.

Simple, easy and with a bit of time invested on your part you will reap the benefits in the not too distant future.