Why Every Creative Person Needs a Website

by 27 May, 2015

15-Why-Every-Creative-Person-Needs-a-300x300There is no denying that to be able to reach and communicate with your clients, fans and the world in general, you need to able to reach them first…and they should be able to reach you!

Most of you probably know how to use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the like, and you might even have a website set up somewhere that is collecting dust.

That’s a real shame…


Because this one piece of YOU should not be neglected or maybe you haven’t even ‘given birth’ to it yet.

In my humble opinion, your website should be the beginning of you and your creative (business) journey and I give you 3 reasons why:

1. It’s your space to connect and share with everyone

You can showcase your talent, connect with like minded people or connect with those you want to tell more about yourself and what you do.

2. Become even better at what you do

By being open and ‘out there’ with your (business) journey, you are becoming more of an expert at what you do because you write or share your talent. Feedback and constructive comments can push you to the next level.

3. You can attract many opportunities

Who knows who may stumble upon your website and LOVE your work?! You might be given chances or opportunities because you decided to let the world know about yourself and your creative business.

Depending on what your ‘creative business’ actually does, there are certain things to consider when putting your website together, but the first and foremost point to remember is ‘You have to be out there to be noticed’.

If you are wondering how to plan and set the wheels in motion when it comes to the design of your own website, let me help! Why not drop me a line today so we can have a free chat about how to do this?!