Why you should use Asana in your Coaching business

by 15 Sep, 2019

Do you have a place where you organise your own as well as your coaching client work? Somewhere central to know what tasks and work needs to be done by yourself?

If you have answered ‘no’ and you feel you want to start working on this, then I believe it’s time to look into a project & task management tool. My suggestion – Asana!

Asana is great for new and established coaches. It is a tool that can grow with you, even when you add team members!

Yes, it is a FREE with unlimited projects and you can add up to 15 team members before you have to consider the paid version.

How can Asana make a difference in your life at the early stages of your coaching business

It has a way to centralise most of your tasks; from daily to monthly and all your projects. Plus enables you to keep an overview if you are on track from a more ‘day to day’ perspective and really be there as a ‘out of your brain into a more structured list/card’ scenario.

And why not create a ‘vision’ project – for example 5 or 10 years into the future – that includes all the goals and projects you want to work on to achieve in that set timeframe?!

Setting Asana up in this manner, you will feel more in control and less ‘I am not sure what I need to do next’.

Here are a few examples of how you can use Asana right now:

  • General project management (more the backend/internal side of your business)
  • Coaching client management – Create a project for each of your clients and the work you do with them (share it with them or not, it’s your choice)
  • Content Calendar – A place to organise your content calendar, including blog posts, videos, social media, etc.
  • Sales Pipeline(s)
  • Simple Client Relation Management system
  • Newsletter and/or blog post planning
  • Education/Self-development plan

And more!

What does Asana offer from a feature perspective?

Here’s a quick list of the main features that come with Asana:

  • List and card view
  • Colour coding your projects
  • Set due dates
  • Add attachments
  • Calendar & project conversation features
  • App for your phone
  • And more even on the free version! 

Whilst spreadsheets or pen/paper will work for some time, moving over to a specific platform like Asana lifts your game and productivity.

Why not sign up and try it out?! Start with one project & list and grow over time. No need to have it all set up in one go. You will also need a little bit of time to see how Asana works best for YOU.

Did you know I offer FREE 20 minutes mini session where we can talk about how to set up Asana best for you and your business? No coaching business is the same, so it is beneficial at times to have an outside perspective.