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Are you looking for someone who can empower you with the technology side of your business by using less with more confidence and hence achieve a business set up that is based on simplicity and easy  for you to use?

I can help you with that.


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Creating your own Podcast (incl. Guest Process Management) contains of many different layers and areas. From the launch, recording and editing your episodes and welcoming guests to it, too, there are many tasks you need to remember.

🌻 How do you keep as organised and on track as possible? With a task & project management tool like Asana of course.

🌻 You might ask yourself ‘How do I start?’ or ‘What needs to be included?’ when looking as using Asana for your Podcast.

🌻 Maybe you know what you need to do and have that written down but are on the lookout for a more structured way in the cloud.

My Asana Podcast package is aimed at helping you to answer exactly these questions and more! I will work with you to create a space which suits you and your Podcast needs and support you whilst you get familiar with it.

This package is ideal for new Podcast hosts as well as those 12-18 months into their show. Of course it can be adapted to suit anyone, contact me if you are unsure.


Zoom calls

We organise 2 x 1 hour zoom calls. One at the start to gain an overview and plan of attack. The second one at the end to ensure a proper handover is done and you can 'run with it' from here onwards. 


Asana set up

I will set up 3 projects in Asana for you and your Podcast. 


Online support

During and 1 month after the Asana set up you will have my online support (email and FB messenger/Slack) to ensure I am there to assist with any issues and questions you might have.

I specifically focus on the 'connection' side of your Podcast, which is anything connected with the Guest you invite. This can include tasks such as:

  • Updating Asana with information related to the Guest episode(s)
  • Create Google forms and or surveys
  • Update your Guest CRM with relevant (provided) information
  • Send out and reply to emails to and from your Guests
  • and more!

If you are keen to get supported with all or one of these items then a custom package is for you! Custom packages range from basic set up help to ongoing support, hence the need for us to hop on a call and have a chat what you need and how we can make that happen. 


Flexible Packages

From a one-off project to ongoing support, a flexible custom package ensure you get what you and your Podcast need.


Peace of Mind

A custom package can go from 1 month to ongoing support. It all comes down to what your needs are and then how long it will take to implement.



If you are keen to have certain pieces set up and then do it yourself, I can provide you with the training so you can take over and hence give you the confidence you need. 

''Put various facts and ideas together in order to see the whole picture''

We will gather your ideas, goals & needs relating to your Podcast Guest Management, put them in a logical order and then we'll create a plan/strategy that will help you move forward. This way you know exactly what you need to implement first, tick it off your list and then move on to the next one.

It is all about moving from the 'argh' moments and step into clarity on the 'what, where and when' before you possibly have to spend heaps of time and money getting your head around too many 'techie tools', etc., when all you really want to dig into is what you love and that is creating Podcast episodes!


Brain Dump

Out of your head and onto paper - this is key to make a start. I will ask you to fill in a questionnaire BEFORE we hope on our call to capture some starting points where we can work from.


Logical Order

Together we start to compile the tech you need to organise and smooth over your Podcast Guest Management.


Create a plan/strategy

At the end of our session, I will collate what we have chatted about and provide you plan with suggestion on what I feel you should do next. 

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