Yanado – Task Management in your Gmail Inbox

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How many times have I heard Gmail users saying, ‘I wish I could have more task management functions in Gmail’?!

Are you one of those frustrated solopreneurs / small business owners that love working in Gmail yet lose track of emails that need answering, a follow-up that got forgotten or you are waiting for someone else before you can reply to an email?

Gmail’s own task list is rather, well, poor in my opinion and missing some basic functionalities. I found this especially obvious when working with a client of mine who is an ‘email hoarder’ and doesn’t like emails overall.

We lost track of leads, which emails need answering, what needs to be dealt with later – in a nutshell a nightmare!

So, I went and had a look if there is something that could ease our pain and start keeping track of all the emails that needed our attention. And I found – YANADO!

Yanado is a simple task (and project) management tool that integrates in Gmail. There is a free and paid version, in this blog post I cover the free one with a quick overview what’s included:

  1. Set up lists – for example: leads, internal, private, networking, etc.
  2. Columns for easy overview: ‘Open, Doing, Done’ are already set up for you. Move your tasks around easily by ‘picking them up’ and dropping where you want to. Like Trello and Asana.
  3. Several ‘task filters’: via lists or task as well as a search function
  4. Create a task by using an email: simply add the email to a list and Yanado will create a task out of it. Subject line becomes task name and the body of the email the task description.
  5. Yanado provides an easy way back to the original email by using the ‘small envelope function’.
  6. The task layout includes many functions, such as set a due date, formatting, adding files & links as well as able to comment with day & timestamp to keep track of it all.

Other features include:

  • Task Management
  • Real Time Notifications
  • Reminders
  • Google Drive Integration
  • Custom Task Statuses
  • Tags
  • Add Email As A Task
  • Card & List View
  • In-app Support
  • Slack Integration
  • Zapier Integration


See also my short overview video below where I show you some of these features:

I loved Yanado from the minute I started to use it with my client, it really helps us keep an overview of what we both need to do and hence makes our working life so much more fun.

Do you know Yanado? Or any other tool that integrates with Gmail that helps with tasks? Please leave a comment below.


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