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by | Oct 28, 2018 | Motivation/Inspiration, Planning

Now that I covered what this blog post series is all about and where to start tidying up your business administration, it is time to look at your Admin Mindset.

Because like almost everything in life, it is a matter of the mind and how you look at a certain situation, topic, etc. The way you think influences how you react or not to something.

So, to recognise where you and your mind are in relation to your business admin, here are a few questions to get started:

  • Why do you believe you struggle with your business admin?
  • What time, phase or moment has made you decide to dislike this part of your business?
  • What type of work do you avoid the most and why?
  • What exactly don’t you like about these asks?
  • And finally, what can you do right now to start changing your mindset and make it a bit more fun?

Simple questions that are a great starting point to find out why your mindset is more negative towards your business admin.

You might come up with answers such as ‘I was never shown properly how to do xyz’ or ‘whenever I do this work I just don’t get inspired or motivated, it pulls me down’ and what about ‘I am just not cut out do this type of work, I am no good at it!’

Did you notice how negatively these answers are worded? In essence, you say about yourself (and indirectly your business) that you are either no good at this work or it is boring and not worth doing.

Which really isn’t quite true, is it? Often times we are absolutely capable of doing specific tasks, it might not be as boring as we think and a task done means your business benefits!

What does this tell you? That you feel overwhelmed by it all, you might not know where to start, no processes are in place or you can’t see the value in having this work done (for yourself and your business).

So, how can you start to change your mindset and attitude towards it? Because like it or not, for now you will do it yourself AND if you want to get help then you still need to know how the work is performed and how you like it done.

My tips to start give this part a bit more fun and easier to manage are:

Chunk it down

Small and manageable chunks are easier to digest than having to work on one task for hours on end. Break it up and do one small piece at a time. Add the pieces together and voila, one big job is done and dusted with!

Reward yourself for tasks done

This can be to make yourself a cuppa, take a walk, play with the dog or watch a funny YouTube clip. Anything that rewards you for time spent on it works.

Do it on a regular basis

Keeping on top of your business admin means less chaos and time invested plus it becomes a routine. Not a chore or dreaded part of your business life.

If possible listen to music or podcasts

Depending on what you intend to do, listen to your favourite music or podcast. These are releasing feel good emotions and in turn helps turn a boring or difficult task into something you don’t mind doing.

Why not give one a try and build on it? Simple but continuously is key here. Don’t expect to be on top of everything within a short period of time, but more to actually feel comfortable with doing the work – on a regular basis.

The next post in this series is all about emails and how to keep sane when re-organising them.

If you have any questions or suggestions for this or any other topics, please drop me a line.